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Defending individuals accused of crimes.


Michael Cicchini has also published extensively in law reviews.  His articles have been cited in appellate court decisions, legal reform initiatives, annotated statutes, legal treatises, legal briefs, social science journal articles, and in other law review articles, notes, and comments.  His article on prosecutorial misconduct has been reproduced in its entirety as a book chapter, and has also been used in law school course materials for teaching legal ethics. Click the links below to access the articles.  (Note: Law review and law journal articles are intended for lawyers and law students and are not legal advice.  If you think you have a legal issue, retain an attorney in your state as soon as possible.)    
The Collapsing Constitution, 42 Hofstra Law Review ___ (2014) (invited submission).

An Alternative to the Wrong-Person Defense, 24 George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal 1 (2013).

The New Miranda Warning, 65 Southern Methodist University Law Review 911 (2012).

Overcoming Miranda: A Content Analysis of the Miranda Portion of Police Interrogations, 49 Idaho Law Review 1 (2012) (with Lawrence White, Ph.D. & Anthony Domanico).

Dead Again: The Latest Demise of the Confrontation Clause, 80 Fordham Law Review 1301 (2011).

An Economics Perspective on the Exclusionary Rule and Deterrence, 75 Missouri Law Review 459 (2010).

Reforming the Law on Show-Up Identifications, 100 Northwestern University 
Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
381 (2010) (with Joseph Easton).

Judicial (In)Discretion: How Courts Circumvent the Confrontation Clause under Crawford and Davis, 75 Tennessee Law Review 753 (2008).

An Empirical Basis for the Admission of Expert Testimony on False Confessions, 40 Arizona State Law Journal 1 (2008) (with Lawrence White, Ph.D. & Danielle Chojnacki).

Broken Government Promises: A Contract-Based Approach to Enforcing Plea Bargains, 38 New Mexico Law Review 159 (2008).

Prosecutorial Misconduct at Trial: A New Perspective Rooted in Confrontation Clause Jurisprudence, 37 Seton Hall Law Review 335 (2007); reprinted in
Prosecutorial Misconduct: Problems and Perspectives (G. Radha Kalyani, ed., Amicus Books (2009)).

Confrontation after Crawford v. Washington: Defining "Testimonial", 10 Lewis & Clark Law Review 531 (2006) (with Vincent Rust).
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