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Michael Cicchini's law review articles

In my efforts to advocate for legal reform I have also published extensively in law reviews.  My articles have been cited in state and federal court decisions, annotated statutes, legal treatises, attorneys' motions and briefs, legal reform initiatives, books, newspaper articles, social science journal articles, and in other law review articles, notes, and comments.  (Law review articles are not legal advice.  If you have a legal issue or question of any kind, immediately call a licensed attorney in your state.)


Spin Doctors: Prosecutor Sophistry and the Burden of Proof (forthcoming, 2019)

Is Reasonable Doubt Self-Defining? (forthcoming, 2019) (with L. White)

Educating Judges and Lawyers in Behavioral Research: A Case Study, 53 Gonzaga L. Rev. 159 (2017) (with L. White) [debunking misconceptions about behavioral research and the two empirical studies below]

Instructing Jurors on Reasonable Doubt: It's All Relative, 8 California L. Rev. Online 72 (2017) [explaining all four burden-lowering defects in Wisconsin's reasonable-doubt jury instruction, discussing previous reform efforts, and recommending wholesale reform]

The Battle over the Burden of Proof: A Report from the Trenches, 79 U. Pittsburgh L. Rev. 61 (2017) [debunking misconceptions about the burden of proof, the purpose of the modern jury trial, and the two empirical studies below]

Testing the Impact of Criminal Jury Instructions on Verdicts: A Conceptual Replication, 117 Columbia L. Rev. Online 22 (2017) (with L. White) [replicating the first study, below, and further testing jurors' interpretation of truth v. doubt language]

Truth or Doubt? An Empirical Test of Criminal Jury Instructions, 50 U. Richmond L. Rev. 1139 (2016) (with L. White) [testing Wisconsin's truth v. doubt language]


Convictions Based on Character: An Empirical Test of Other-Acts Evidence, 70 Florida L. Rev. 347 (2018) (with L. White)

Combating Prosecutorial Misconduct in Closing Arguments, 70 Oklahoma L. Rev. 887 (2018)

An Alternative to the Wrong-Person Defense, 24 Geo. Mason U. Civil Rights L.J. 1 (2013)

Prosecutorial Misconduct at Trial: A New Perspective Rooted in Confrontation Clause Jurisprudence, 37 Seton Hall L. Rev. 335 (2007)


Dead Again: The Latest Demise of the Confrontation Clause, 80 Fordham L. Rev. 1301 (2011)

Judicial (In)Discretion: How Courts Circumvent the Confrontation Clause under Crawford and Davis, 75 Tennessee L. Rev. 753 (2008)

Confrontation after Crawford v. Washington: Defining "Testimonial", 10 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. (2006) (with V. Rust)


The New Miranda Warning, 65 SMU L. Rev. 911 (2012) 

Overcoming Miranda: A Content Analysis of the Miranda Portion of Police Interrogations, 49 Idaho L. Rev. 1 (2012) (with L. White and A. Domanico)

An Empirical Basis for the Admission of Expert Testimony on False Confessions, 40 Arizona St. L.J. 1 (2008) (with L. White and D. Chojnacki)


An Economics Perspective on the Exclusionary Rule and Deterrence, 75 Missouri L. Rev. 459 (2010)

Reforming the Law on Show-Up Identifications, 100 Nw. J. Crim. L. & Criminology 381 (2010) (with J. Easton)

Broken Government Promises: A Contract-Based Approach to Enforcing Plea Bargains, 38 New Mexico L. Rev. 159 (2008)


Law Review Publishing: Thoughts on Mass Submissions, Expedited Review, and Potential Reform, 16 U. New Hampshire L. Rev. 147 (2017)

On the Absurdity of Model Rule 1.9, 40 Vermont L. Rev. 69 (2015)

Three Rules for Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers, 34 Mississippi College L. Rev. 1 (2015)

The Collapsing Constitution, 42 Hofstra L. Rev. 731 (2014)

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