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Michael Cicchini's published books
In my efforts to advocate for legal reform, I have published three books (with one forthcoming) on the criminal justice system.  Click the four book covers, below, to see them on  These books are not legal advice. If you have a legal issue or legal question of any kind, immediately call a licensed attorney in your state.

ANATOMY OF A FALSE CONFESSION: The Interrogation and Conviction of Brendan Dassey (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., Nov. 2018)

"Michael Cicchini has written a wonderfully descriptive and insightful book, the definitive account of the interrogations of Brendan Dassey and his coerced, contaminated and (almost certainly) false confessions. Cicchini masterfully describes the tricks of the interrogation trade . . . Anyone who watched the Netflix series Making a Murderer with rapt fascination will want to read this book."
-- Richard A. Leo, Ph.D., author, Police Interrogation and American Justice; Professor of Law & Psychology, University of San Francisco

CONVICTING AVERY: The Bizarre Laws and Broken System behind Making a Murderer (Prometheus Books, 2017)

"Thoughtful and well-reasoned, the book is eye-opening and frightening."
-- Winnipeg Free Press

"In a crowded and competitive field . . . it's definitely among the best true crime books of 2017."
-- Criminal Media

"Cicchini convincingly demonstrates that the Kafkaesque criminal justice in Avery's case was not an 
anomaly, and his work is an accessible entree into the debate over how defendants' rights should be protected."
-- Publishers Weekly

"The author's writing style and concise analysis allows those not familiar with legal terminology to easily comprehend the complexities of the case."
-- New York Journal of Books  

"Regardless of one's personal opinions, the book provides a considered insider's view of parts of the criminal justice system the public rarely sees."
-- Blog Critics

"Cicchini makes his case clearly. . . . Will engage fans of the series and readers who wonder if prosecutors really do cut corners in their campaigns against serious criminals."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"It is a fascinating read, as the author skillfully weaves the issues surrounding the cases into a wider debate about the criminal justice system as a whole."
-- Criminal Element 

"Convicting Avery is a smart, irreverent analysis . . . a fascinating and, at times, deeply disturbing examination of the problems that plague our criminal justice system."
-- Lawrence White, PhD, False Confession Expert in Making a Murderer

"Replete with fresh, unsettling truths and insights,
Convicting Avery is highly readable and well researched, and leavened with common sense and cutting wit."

-- Mauricio Hernandez, Attorney and blogger at The Irreverent Lawyer

"Convicting Avery is that rare book that is superbly written by an expert in criminal law, reads like a thriller, and offers much that would surprise even seasoned lawyers."
-- Matthew Flynn, senior partner, Quarles & Brady LLP; author, Pryme Knumber

TRIED AND CONVICTED: How Police, Prosecutors, and Judges Destroy Our Constitutional Rights
(Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2012)

"Cicchini argues that Americans should have a healthy distrust of the criminal justice system. This book is very eye opening . . . I strongly recommend this book. Once I opened it, I literally could not stop reading."

-- International Criminal Justice Review

"In the contrarian spirit of political journalist Christopher Hitchens, Cicchini destroys the prevailing media-driven views on American justice."

-- Jay McRoy, Ph.D., author, Nightmare Japan; coeditor, Monstrous Adaptations 

"Tried and Convicted brilliantly demonstrates why our constitutional rights are often not what they seem. Cicchini has written a book that can instantly be understood by non-lawyers, but contains much that even practicing lawyers don't know. So you think you know your rights?  Wait until you read this."

-- Matthew Flynn, senior partner, Quarles & Brady LLP; author, Pryme Knumber

BUT THEY DIDN'T READ ME MY RIGHTS! Myths, Oddities, and Lies About Our Legal System (Prometheus Books, 2010) (with Amy Kushner, Ph.D.) 

"Reminiscent of Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis in their unpretentious analyses of popular myths and misconceptions -- in this case, all centering around the American legal system -- Cicchini and Kushner offer a compelling mix of insight and information. A fantastic read."

-- Steven Jay Schneider, editor, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

"The law is never black and white, as Cicchini and Kushner prove in this entertaining look at common assumptions and misconceptions about the American justice system."

-- Publishers Weekly

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