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Michael Cicchini in the media

I have interviewed dozens of times with television, radio, and print journalists to discuss our constitutional rights, the criminal justice system, and my published books and articles. Below are links to some of my radio and print interviews, along with some reviews of my books.  (Interviews and book reviews are not legal advice. If you have a legal issue or legal question of any kind, immediately call a licensed attorney in your state.)

Selected radio interviews of Michael Cicchini

WPR's Central Time with hosts Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert

The Morning Show with host Gregory Burg

The Center for Inquiry's Point of Inquiry with host Karen Stollznow

Print interviews of Michael Cicchini

Remaking a Murderer, The Isthmus (interview and article by Bill Lueders)

Top Wisconsin Attorney Michael Cicchini's Path to Criminal Law,

Exploring Legal Myths and Oddities with Michael Cicchini, Super Lawyers Blog

Reviews of Michael Cicchini's books

By New York Journal of Books, Convicting Avery

By Blog Critics, Convicting Avery

By Publishers Weekly, Convicting Avery

By Kirkus Reviews, Convicting Avery

By Winnipeg Free Press, Convicting Avery

By Criminal Element, Convicting Avery

By Criminal.Media, Convicting Avery

By Robert Worley, Ph.D., Tried and Convicted (print review)

Robert Worley, Ph.D. Tried and Convicted (video review)

By Michael O'Hear, Tried and Convicted

By Publishers Weekly, But They Didn't Read Me My Rights!

By Daniel Cornwall. But They Didn't Read Me My Rights!

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